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Registration for Virtual Classes


To register for Denali Fitness classes, log into the Denali Fitness Member Portal. (You can also access the Member Portal on our website under Membership.) 

Under My Upcoming Classes, click Class Schedule and select the date. 

You can register for classes starting 4 weeks in advance. Registration closes 24 hours before class time.

You will receive an email with the Zoom link before class start time. 

To register for Homeroom Fit classes, email us the class name and time.


To register for Denali Fitness Virtual classes, you need to set up an account. Sign up online and prepay for your first class. You will receive your credentials to log into our Member Portal. 

To register for Homeroom Fit Classes, go to the Homeroom Fit website. 



  • Light Weights = soup cans, bottles of water, wine bottle
  • Medium-Heavy Weights = laundry detergent bottle, gallon of water
  • Backpack or other Bag = fill it with items to add weight
  • Gliders = towel for hardwood floor or paper/plastic plate for carpet
  • Bender Ball = any soft kid’s ball, or if using behind back use a towel or other support


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Virtual Bootcamp

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Virtual Bootcamp