Virtual Cycling

Indoor cycling at Denali Fitness gives you a challenging multi-terrain ride using many different training drills for speed, strength and endurance to test your conditioning potential. This workout is designed to create muscle tone and strength in the legs as well as a strong and powerful heart through a moderate to high intensity cardiovascular work on the bike. This is a powerful workout that is tons of fun and burns tons of calories too. 

Our bikes accept regular shoes or SPD compatible shoes.

Registration for Classes


For online or in-person classes, register on the Denali Fitness Member Portal.
You can register for classes starting 6 days in advance.
Mask & COVID-19 Policies


To register for Denali Fitness Virtual classes, you need to set up an account. Sign up online and prepay for your first class. You will receive your credentials to log into our Member Portal. 


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Virtual Cycling