Virtual P90X

Donation for Virtual Classes

Not a Denali Fitness member? We are grateful for any financial help you can offer at this time. We are a locally owned small business that cannot exist without your generous support. Thank you and enjoy the class!

Virtual P90X class will take place via Zoom online.

Use the links below to join the meeting/class at start time. If you have never used Zoom before, you will be prompted to download it on your device.

It is recommended to join the class a couple minutes early to get situated.

You will automatically be muted so the instructor will not be able to hear you but they will be able to see you. You have a choice to keep your camera on or turn it off.


Monday 4/6 - P90X with Jessie @ 5:30-6:30pm JOIN CLASS HERE:



  • Light Weights = soup cans, bottles of water, wine bottle
  • Medium-Heavy Weights = laundry detergent bottle, gallon of water
  • Backpack or other Bag = fill it with items to add weight
  • Gliders = towel for hardwood floor or paper/plastic plate for carpet
  • Bender Ball = any soft kid’s ball, or if using behind back use a towel or other support
  • Resistance Tubes = not many great alternatives but Power Systems if offering 50% off all their resistance tubes and free shipping right now. The link will take you to their website….”use code: TUBING50



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