Interested in trying a new style of YOGA?

Come to our GUEST INSTRUCTOR SERIES featuring VINIYOGA with Susan Gibbons!

Class will be SATURDAYS 11:00am-12:15pm (75 mins)

November 18th: Intro to Viniyoga & Core Focus
December 2nd: Core & Hips
December 9th: Core & Shoulder
December 16th: Viniyoga – Bringing It All Together

*Please note that due to the holidays, there will be no Sat 11am Yoga on Nov 25th, Dec 23rd, or Dec 30th*



Translated from Sanskrit, it means “adaptable yoga”.

Some people call it Yoga in the Style of Desikachar or Krishnamacharya Yoga.

Susan calls it her “reset button.”

This class will teach you how your breathing can lead your movement.  You will move through poses carefully sequenced to help you achieve a balance of stability and mobility throughout your body.  This means you will benefit from both strengthening and lengthening postures with cuing for safe alignment of the spine and extremities as well as core engagement.  Different levels of abilities are accommodated by the instructor offering options to increase the challenge, or not. 

The practice of yoga is ultimately intended to help an individual calm the mind. 

By creating balance in the body, your mind may become more focused too.



Susan is a practicing Physical Therapist who has discovered a passion for Viniyoga.

She has worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings and currently sees patients at a community health clinic in South Seattle.  Though she finds caring for people with a wide variety of conditions incredibly satisfying, Susan has always had a curiosity for injury prevention and creating balance in the body.

After tearing her plantar fascia in 2015, Susan knew she had to follow her desire to use her knowledge to help others prevent injury.  Seeking ways to teach others to maintain myofascial health, her research led her to Viniyoga.  She quickly fell in love with this method of yoga’s ability to meet a person as they are, to prepare the body (and mind!) for challenges on and off the mat and to develop greater mobility.   She completed her 200 hour training under Tracy Weber at Whole Life Yoga.

She looks forward to sharing her knowledge of movement and her love of Viniyoga to help you keep doing the activities that you love to do!


Guest Instructor Yoga Series: VINIYOGA