Effective today (12/10), you can now register and join our virtual classes via our Member Portal.

To view a video demonstration of the process, click this link: VIDEO: Denali Fitness Class Registration Demo

How To Register & Join Class

  • Register for classes on the Member Portal the same as you have been doing.
  • To join your class:
    1. Log into the Member Portal
    2. Go to the “My Upcoming Classes” box
    3. Select the class you want to join
    4. Select “Click to Join” button
    5. Zoom will launch and you will be in the waiting room for class


  • You can REGISTER for class:
    • Up to 2 weeks in advance
    • Right up to the start time
    • After class has begun
  • You can register yourself and any active family members on your membership.
  • You can JOIN class:
    • Starting 10 minutes before the start time
      (If you try to join more than 10 minutes before class begins, you will be told to wait and try again.)
    • After class has begun
New: How to Register for & Join Classes